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12/14/2021 in Insides

The new Cloudogu platform community

Maik Krause
Maik Krause

Guest Author

2021 is and was an exciting and eventful year in many respects - despite or even because of the ongoing pandemic situation. A lot has happened at Cloudogu as well. One of our big highlights is certainly the launch of our new Cloudogu platform forum, with which we give our community a home.

A virtual meeting place to discuss, get feedback and help each other.

With the Cloudogu platform forum, we offer our community a virtual meeting place to exchange ideas on all topics related to digital transformation. Thus, in addition to discussion areas on GitOps and Agility and New Work, there is already the opportunity to present your own projects and, of course, to exchange ideas and ask support questions about Cloudogu products such as the Cloudogu EcoSystem, SCM-Manager and various open source projects.

One of our goals is to expand the variety of topics and offerings on the Cloudogu platform, e.g. by integrating dedicated partners with their expert knowledge and tools on the platform to be able to offer solutions for various problems. Another goal is to continuously improve the Cloudogu platform itself and further develop our products and training offerings based on feedback from the community. In this regard, we can already draw a positive interim conclusion: After just a few months since the launch of the new forum, we have been able to implement various bug fixes and requested new features with the help of our community.

Cloudogu platform: more than just a forum

Already now, users of the Cloudogu platform benefit from many services and offers that go beyond mere forum communication:

  • All registered users can look forward to regular events, such as the Secure Coding Tournament or Ask Me Anything sessions.
  • They will also have access to knowledge resources such as eBooks and whitepapers on a wide variety of topics.
  • Around the Cloudogu EcoSystem, in addition to the download and the instance management, there is also access to the Public EcoSystem.
  • Training participants gain access to the Cloudogu online training infrastructure.

The goal of the Cloudogu platform is to further advance the diverse topics around the digital transformation by providing you with methods, tools and knowledge. To this end, we will continuously expand the platform with additional versatile offerings. The new community forum was just the first, but very important step.

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