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post icon Reality check for another agile approach

06/30/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

Reality check for another agile approach

Some time ago we introduced the lean methodology #NoEstimates. We showed the basic principles and how to get started with it. Now, after some time, we want to comment on how to use this approach in reality. The time has come to figure out whether #NoEstimates is applicable in the real world and with real projects and we want to share some tips what you should focus on.

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post icon What does a Scrum Master do all day?

06/08/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

What does a Scrum Master do all day?

Scrum Masters… What do you need them for? Those guys don’t help to develop the product, they are redundant! Worst case, the Product Owner can do his job! That is what many people think when they learn about the Scrum Master role. The quick answer to that question is simple: The Scrum Master is the guardian of the Scrum process, he keeps everything together. But what does that really mean? That’s what we will find out in this post.

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post icon Infrastructure to Go

05/03/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Infrastructure to Go

You had a great idea for a software product and you want to see it being developed as fast as possible, you want to concentrate on bringing it to life. Focus on what really matters! Find out what exactly the market needs by gathering feedback and head into the right direction. For that you need to be flexible and quick in your workflows and you don’t want to be distracted by administrative tasks that keep you from developing your product. That is why you should take a look at out-of-the-box software development ecosystems, they might exactly be what you need to kick start your startup.

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post icon Source Code Management with SCM-Manager

03/30/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Source Code Management with SCM-Manager

Over the years we talked a lot about SCM-Manager, but we never officially introduced it as one of the Cloudogu EcoSystem. Since SCM-Manager had its 6th anniversary not long ago, we want to catch up on that.We mentioned SCM-Manager the first time about 4 years ago, when the current version was 1.28. These days version 1.52 was released. That is reason enough to give an update on SCM-Manager, to sum up the changes and improvements that were made in the meantime.

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post icon First Steps Towards Test Management

02/28/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

First Steps Towards Test Management

If you develop software it is inevitable to test the code that was programmed and there are several different ways to do that. For instance you can automate your tests or execute them manually. No matter how you carry out your tests you have to ensure that you test the right thing and that you test everything that is relevant. That is where test cases and scenarios come into play.

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post icon SCM-Manager Plugins Part 11 – Redmine

02/01/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in Technology

SCM-Manager Plugins Part 11 – Redmine

SCM-Manager can be connected to several issue tracking applications like Bugzilla or JIRA©. The basic functionality of those connections is the same: You can change the status and add comments to issues by using keywords in your commit messages. In this post we will show you how to use the scm-redmine-plugin to connect SCM-Manager to the popular Open Source issue tracker Redmine and thus improve your documentation.

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post icon Functional Testing with Gauge

01/17/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in Quality

Functional Testing with Gauge

Gauge is a lightweight behavior driven testing framework that allows you to automate end-to-end tests. In this post we will show an example of how to write a test framework with Gauge in Java code. If you want to learn how to install and get started with Gauge, you should read this introductory post from our partner blog.

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